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Job Description Responsible for Work Environments

Under the responsibility of a director of the work environment and assisted by deputies, the manager of work environments is responsible for maintaining equipment, materials and buildings within a company. He is also in charge of occupant services such as reception, mail, office cleaning and catering. Let's take a look at the functions of this professional within the company, as well as the profile required to integrate this profession.

Missions of the manager of the working environments

The missions responsible for work environments are as follows:

  • Ensure the safety and security of employees
  • Develop and maintain green spaces
  • Lead and coordinate an organization's support services, including mail delivery, shopping, hospitality and security services, or the use of equipment;
  • Set the project and define the objectives of the department;
  • Organize the activities and resources of the service and draw up schedules;
  • Manage employment contracts and terminate them if necessary;
  • Supervise the staff of his team, and sometimes that of other departments, assign tasks and delegate responsibilities;
  • Control and supervise the service to ensure its proper functioning;
  • Prepare and monitor reports on operation and costs, as well as schedules, to ensure optimal efficiency;
  • Manage and control the budget of the service;
  • Manage the administrative tasks of the service;
  • Supervise the maintenance and repairs of installations, machines, equipment and other resources;
  • Analyze work processes and then propose, develop and apply changes in policy or procedure to improve the service rendered.

Responsibilities of a manager of work environments

The business responsible for working environments requires knowledge in planning, management, budget negotiation, team management . This position is not usually assigned to a newcomer to the company, nor to a beginner. This is a high-level position entrusted to an experienced executive and mastering the structure of the company. It must be rigorous in monitoring standards and regulations. Persuasive to bring new ideas and changes. As a result, technical and specific knowledge of safety, hygiene, environment and legislation is required.

Profile of a manager of work environments

From Bac to Bac +4 / 5, several trainings are required for this position:

  • Maintenance training
  • Management knowledge
  • Training in building or general engineering
  • Environmental training

The assistant of the work environments can evolve in charge of the working environments after 3 to 7 years if his profile fits with the job description responsible for the work environments .

Employer Compensation and Potential

In France, an environmental manager receives between 45 k € and 60 k €. This salary depends on several factors such as the size of the site to manage, the number of employees to manage or the geographical mobility that the job can sometimes impose. This position appears quickly in all large companies in both the public and private sectors.


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