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Job description: The administrative and financial department

A key link in all financial operations of a company, the Administrative and Financial Department (DAF) is the unit that ensures and coordinates the financial management policy. It takes into account the accounting and finance services of the box. This is a strategic position that requires close and special collaboration with senior management. It would be wise to know more about the functioning of this very sensitive business unit.

Activities of the administrative and financial department

The administrative and financial director is responsible for the administrative and financial management of a company. In all transparency, it must ensure the reliability and traceability of the financial operations and accounts of the latter. DAF works closely with the DG. He advises on strategic operations to ensure the sustainability of finances.

The work of the DAF is mainly based on the following operations:

  • budgeting of the company;

  • optimization of capital management;

  • negotiation of financial activities both inside and outside the company (bank loans, debt collection, etc.);

  • implementation of specific projects (mergers, IPOs, securities issuance, etc.).

What skills are required?

The presence of a CFO is important in large companies in the industrial sectors, banks and insurance companies where she is part of the management committee. The administrative and financial management business sheet defines the following skills:

  • excellent communication skills inside and outside the company;

  • a good team spirit;

  • specific knowledge in the management of organizations and the maintenance of a favorable working relationship;

  • a mastery of laws and legal codes on finance and accounting.

Availability and responsiveness are major assets in the work of a CFO. He must be organized, curious and observant. He must also be fine, wise and insightful.

Profile of the applicant:

The position of DAF requires a certain background. The applicant may submit one of the following trainings:

  • a higher diploma of accounting and management (DSCG), equivalent to Bac +5 or Master's degree;

  • a Master in Accounting Audit Audit (CCA), or in Finance;

  • A university degree in management sciences - options: accounting, control and audit, financial engineering or taxation;

The administrative and financial management position sheet may require the applicant for the position of DAF to obtain additional knowledge on: IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), the management information system. In addition to French, a mastery of English and at least a third language is important.

Desired professional experience

Being an administrative and financial director requires at least 5 years of experience in a global audit and accounting position. Or else more specialized in management control. It would be advisable for an applicant for the position of DAF to first go to an auditing or accounting firm. Professional development could lead from the Administrative and Financial Directorate (DAF) to a position of general manager of the company, or to a larger company.


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